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We offer Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposal services to both commercial and domestic customers. Whether you are a business looking to clear out your office space, or a homeowner looking to empty out the place, we can help.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in handling all types of waste, including hazardous materials like WEEEs.

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What Is Classified As WEEEs?

According to the WEEE Regulations 2013 Government Guidance Notes, there are 10 broad categories of electronic waste to be on the lookout for. These waste items cannot be disposed of alongside general waste:

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Frequently Asked Questions About WEEE Services

The mixture of materials used in this waste often makes it hazardous. They contain materials such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and other such hazards. While these materials will not have been dangerous in a working item, they may be when disposing of them.

This depends on how much you have to dispose of:

If you are disposing of single, or small amounts of items, then a waste tip may do. However, you must contact them ahead of time to ensure that they are capable and ready to receive electrical equipment.

If you have several items of electrical equipment, then we recommend hiring a hazardous waste skip. This is a skip specifically earmarked for hazardous waste that should not see any general waste. This way, you can have it collected and disposed of safely, ethically, and efficiently.

Do not do this. It is servery against the law and subject to equally severe fines. Fines go up to £5,000 at a magistrates’ court and are unlimited in a Crown Court.

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